Más Información de Tala (More Information about Tala)

May 6, 2008

IUPUI Professor of History Michael Snodgrass, in the course of researching his new book on Mexican immigration, recently visited and returned from a trip to a town called Tala in Mexico’s western state of Jalisco (famous source of tequila).

Tala enjoys a very special relationship with Indianapolis, which Snodgrass outlined and explored in an article in Indianapolis’ alternative news weekly, Nuvo, last November. Totally worth a read.

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  1. How did these Burmese immigrants get to Indianapolis?
    Schools report they can’t speak, read, or write English???but they are driving cars (pretty dangerous). and their children are on free food and
    books in our public schools…the numbers are 35% in
    some school districts…who brought them here? It seems it would be smart for the group that brought them here to also help them acclimate before turning
    them loose in our schools where teachers already have enough challenges and problems, and parents are
    finding that their children aren’t getting the attention they need because of this influx of non-readers whose parents aren’t paying taxes…These
    children in many cases are homeless, sleeping on inflatable mattresses, and without much food unless
    schools and churches chip in—which they do, but it
    seems like the people who gave them the money to get
    here, and to get cars, haven’t finished their job , and expect the rest of us taxed to the hilt people to take care of them…

  2. Who brought the Burmese people to mid-America? Who gave them money for cars? It is the new homeless population in Indianapolis…the people, or organization that brought them here have dumped them
    On our city to take care of…Is that Fair? LM

  3. the public schools on our district can really give some good education to young kids. they have high standards ;-.

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