Notre Dame Announces Launch of Latino Poetry Review

May 6, 2008

One final Latino-inspired post for the day. Late last month the University of Notre Dame’s Letras Latinas program announced the launch of their online magazine Latino Poetry Review. According to their mission statement, LPR is dedicated to publishing “book reviews, essays, and interviews with an eye towards spurring inquiry and dialogue.”

There are several inter- and re-views over there right now and I encourage all those interested in Latino literature or poetry to pop over there and check it out. It’s a new venture in a lot of ways so I’m sure they would appreciated your feedback.

Here’s mine: Publish some poems.

I know it’s not in the mission statement and the journal is clearly out to plant itself in the critical realm rather than in artistic production but, I fail to see how the two aren’t integrally connected. The Institute for Latino Studies there at ND has already published several books of poetry by Latin American-American authors and with LPR they are poised to take on a central role in the Latino literary arts. It seems strange with the limitless space of the internet, they wouldn’t try to either 1) cross promote their own publications or 2) provide a venue for finding future poets to publish.

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