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Since we started with Poetry

May 7, 2008

Tim Lockridge is an Evansville, Indiana native although he’s been lately calling Virginia home while earning first his MFA and now his PhD.

His poems recall the early surrealist work of Lorca, touching on the scattered imagery of dreams while staying firmly rooted in real world mini- and mega-crises. His diction is cleaner than Lorca’s but his accessibility is mostly a trap–set by a skillful poet who hides the fact that he thinks deeply with a playful guise.

His next poem will appear in the fall issue of The Pinch.

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There Goes My Athletic Physique

May 7, 2008

I may be lost for awhile. Thanks to the Nationalities Council blog I just learned of this:

An online database launched in May 2003 that (as of this morning) includes 816 restaurants, 150 markets and bakeries, 141 festivals, 2,958 restaurant reviews, 2,654 recipes, and 697 registered patrons.

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Hark! Hark! I Say

May 7, 2008

I just moved offices and as a result I’ve inherited a plaster bust of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow–not my favorite poet but I’ve never been in possession of a plaster bust before–I’m feeling pretty isolated in my ivory tower, I must say.

In honor of my new toga-bedecked officemate, and in honor of our current month, here is the fifth stanza from HLW’s “The Poet’s Calendar.”


Hark! The sea-faring wild-fowl loud proclaim
My coming, and the swarming of the bees.
These are my heralds, and behold! my name
Is written in blossoms on the hawthorn-trees.
I tell the mariner when to sail the seas;
I waft o’er all the land from far away
The breath and bloom of the Hesperides,
My birthplace. I am Maia. I am May.

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