Hark! Hark! I Say

May 7, 2008

I just moved offices and as a result I’ve inherited a plaster bust of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow–not my favorite poet but I’ve never been in possession of a plaster bust before–I’m feeling pretty isolated in my ivory tower, I must say.

In honor of my new toga-bedecked officemate, and in honor of our current month, here is the fifth stanza from HLW’s “The Poet’s Calendar.”


Hark! The sea-faring wild-fowl loud proclaim
My coming, and the swarming of the bees.
These are my heralds, and behold! my name
Is written in blossoms on the hawthorn-trees.
I tell the mariner when to sail the seas;
I waft o’er all the land from far away
The breath and bloom of the Hesperides,
My birthplace. I am Maia. I am May.

This entry was posted by: Jim


  1. When you own a plaster bust you truly become one of the literati. Congratulations! I’ll have to be happy with my postcard of Edith Wharton with the two dogs on her shoulders.

  2. Is that all it takes? Because…if I’d known that I would have obtained one much earlier.

  3. […] we were chatting this morning around the bust of Longfellow, conversation moved to, as it so often does, The Road Warrior, Mad […]

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