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Thinking About Thinking

May 13, 2008

OK, so they messed up my bracket this year, I’m still proud of being a Bruin. UCLA has a motto that, I believe, perfectly expresses the humanities credo: Fiat Lux, “let there be light.”

So I was pleased to see an article in the university’s online magazine, Impact, last month entitled How to Think Big. There’s something we could use help with, and many good suggestions are indeed offered. Have fun. Be voraciously curious. Don’t give up. My favorites, though, are the mirror opposites: “Look at the bigger picture” and “Take a closer look at the little things.” Either perspective could result in a new look at a problem, a subject, a puzzle.

The point is that thinking, let alone thinking big, requires a shifting of gears from time to time. As the article admits, thinking big does come easier when you are an actual genius. Yet we too can learn how, even if we’re not all John Wooden.

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