Always the Last to Know

May 23, 2008


I graduated from Ball State’s English Department over 10 years ago and I had to find out by accident that two English professors there, Andrew Scott and Victoria Barrett, just launched a new online (and free) literary journal. Isn’t that the sort of thing that should make its way into an alumni newsletter or magazine or something?

I’ve just skimmed the PDF version of it (cuz I’m often old skool like that) and I can already tell you I’ll be back to read “Stones” by Alberto E. Martinez, “Attention Passengers” by Alexander Parsons, and Sarah Leyden’s “Sleeping Woman.” And, honestly, if I go that far, I’ll probably just go ahead and read the other eight stories too.

Best of luck to them both in this adventure.

If you get a chance to check them out, I’m curious what you have to say about the online format. Some of the stories are long by e-standards and the editors chose not to break stories across multiple pages (or for that matter provide printable versions–other than the downloadable PDF). As readers, what you would you like to see in your full-length e-stories?

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