Hoosier History Live Website is Live!

May 23, 2008

I met Nelson Price a couple of weeks ago when he stopped by to check out the Meredith Nicholson home in advance of the reception that Hoosier History Live and Too Many Cooks are holding here on June 6th. I’ve been waiting for his website to be ready so I could link to it right away. Well it’s up now and good timing too.

The May 31 show is going to feature Norman Krapf, who we’ve already talked about here. His latest book is being published by the Indiana Historical Society Press. He and Nelson will be discussing German immigration to Indiana and how it’s shaped our culture and our communities, which fits in perfectly with this years 2008 theme of Immigration in Indiana.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also link to Too Many Cooks’ website as well since the reception is for both shows and, of course, the crew of TMC is hard at work celebrating Hoosier food culture. A facet of culture that my ever decreasing pool of pants that fit bears witness of my love. I’m sure I will be linking to both fairly frequently.

So check out the websites, check out the shows, and come out for the reception on June 6th (be sure to RSVP).

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