Stanley Fish and the Conservative Agenda

May 27, 2008

This is not a political blog but it is a blog that is concerned with the state of the humanities and as a consequence with how humanities subjects are taught in our institutions of higher education. With that in mind I point you to (Floridian) Stanley Fish, writing in The New York Times about the recent decision by the University of Colorado-Boulder to hire a Chair in Conservative Thought and Policy as a way of redressing an imbalance at the “left-leaning” university.

It seems to me that Fish’s argument whether or not he believes it himself (–more on that topic in his post’s comments–) is basically right: university space for the most part is not the appropriate arena for political demagoguery or pedagoguery. It is a place for removed academic inquiry.

If it is proven that something other than academic inquiry is occurring in the classroom, I think we can move on to whether or not hiring–and using Colorado taxpayer money to fund–a conservative dema- or pedagogue is the appropriate course of action to remedy the imbalance.

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