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May 28, 2008

It’s probably too early in the life of Hoosierati to begin audience participation but I’m a poor blogger, what can I say? Since I’m going to end up repeating this question a thousand times I don’t see any reason to not make today iteration #1.

What humanities-related blogs for or by Hoosiers or about Indiana do you know about?

Of course it would help to know what I mean by “humanities.” Two differently useful and overlapping definitions appear on the Indiana Humanities Council webpage: The first is more strict and we use it to determine which projects or programs do or don’t qualify for our Humanities Initiative Grants. It is made up of a list of disciplines:

  • Literature
  • Language
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Archaeology
  • Comparative Religion
  • Ethics
  • Law
  • Folklore
  • Culture
  • Social Sciences*
  • Theory, History, and Criticism of the Performing and Visual Arts
  • *those aspects of the social sciences—such as economics, political science, and sociology—that employ historical or philosophical approaches

The other, more conversational and loose definition appears on our “What are the Humanities?” page:

Often grouped together as the fields of history, literature, philosophy and other related disciplines, precisely defining the terms “the humanities” can be a struggle for even the most sophisticated scholars. In fact, “the humanities” are not a thing at all, but in a very unique way, they are a process. The humanities may be thought of as the pursuit of wisdom concerning the shared human condition. The humanities provide us a means of remembering our past and envisioning our future. The humanities seek to engage us in constant reflection of ourselves as individuals and as members of larger and larger communities. From paintings, buildings, dramas and wars to friendships, Ferraris, online communities, bad jokes, and good meals, the humanities are the study of, the participation in, and the sharing of those things that humans make and those things that make us human.

Literature never fails to make anybody’s list of “what are the humanities?” which is why I thought that, in my quest to create a large and useful list of humanities-related sites, I might start with book club blogs. In addition to being firmly of the humanities, they might also, as a collective, provide the most consistent resource for humanities-related conversation.

So, while I’m open to

  1. Any humanities-related blog
  2. Any Hoosier humanities related blog
  3. Any Hoosier humanities book-related blog…

…I’m most interested, for the moment, in Hoosier-based book-club centered blogs.

Much obliged.

This entry was posted by: Jim


  1. I’m a former Hoosier — not sure where or if my blog would fit into your taxonomy. http://www.cvillewords.com

  2. Well, Elizabeth, I’m not totally sure either. I have a lot Hoosier ex-pat friends myself doing Humanities-ish work in various places and I think I just have to handle it on a case-by-case basis.

    I was kind of hoping to find book club blogs that might occasionally have face-to-face meetings too so that linking to them or talking about them might encourage people to join in addition to playing along on the web.

    Nevertheless, I’ll keep my eye on your blog and make a determination a little further down the road.

    Thanks for reading and chiming in. If you review or discuss any books from Hoosier authors be sure to let me know.

  3. […] and if so, you can now search the Hoosierati archives to find that particular post (or just click here). But I thought I might explain things a bit differently this time […]

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