Veritas and My Search for Truth

June 4, 2008

I have to tell you how I got myself into this mess or you won’t believe it. Inspired by Jim’s post on notebooks, I pulled out a couple of notebooks I bought a long time ago. One of them is a black, spiral-bound notebook with the word “VeritasTM” on the cover and “Made in Taiwan” on the back.

Veritas, of course, means truth. So I decided to try to find out who had trademarked the Truth. I googled Veritas. The first hit was Veritas Data Center Software, owned by Symantec Corp., the owner of “veritas.com.” The second was Veritas Restaurant in New York, where the menu says that “Excessive Fragrances Detract from the Wine Experience. Please Be Sensitive to Those Around You.” (So take it easy with the Old Spice, I guess.) The third hit was Veritas GMAT Elite Test Preparation, in case you would care to join the elite, which is fine if you don’t plan to run for President. The fourth hit was Wikipedia where we finally get some Roman mythology. The fifth hit, however, was Veritas Vineyard & Winery. All right, I see: In Vino, Veritas.

This was getting me nowhere, or at least no closer to Taiwan, so I decided to try another strategy, namely Wikipedia, where I typed in “Search for Truth.” The first hit there was, as you probably have guessed, a vinyl record released by the progressive metal band, Protest the Hero. It has only 2 tracks, the first being “Is Anybody There?” Not a bad question if you’re searching for truth. The second hit was an anti-Mormon video (good grief). The third was (oh, thank heavens) a treatise by Descartes.

In the top 20 Wikipedia hits, we also find “Search Engine Marketing” (ha, a lot of help that was), the Colbert Report (ah, yes, truthiness), and — what’s this? — “List of US daytime soap opera ratings”?? What does that have to do with the search for truth? Oh, wait, that would be “Search for Tomorrow.”

I guess there’s no point in trying to track down the trademarker of Truth. Instead I should get a lantern and join Diogenes in his search for an honest man, or, in my case, an honest search engine.

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  1. Googling has led me to more than one moral crisis and loss of faith in humanity. Try googling “dogs running” and loose yourself in their flapping ears.

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