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Perennials–Short and Tall

June 16, 2008

If one were to look over to the right hand column they would notice that one of the permanent pages on this blog is titled About… ….Hoosierati. On that page, yours truly freely admits that he is a lazy gardener. A perfectly accurate descriptor to which I will also add “stubborn” and also thanks to this year also, “failed.”

But I’m running fatally close to total blog derailment.

What I wanted to say is that someone should buy me this book. Perennials aren’t often as showy and vibrant as the annuals but I loathe the idea of planting a bunch of flowers just to pull them up and toss them on the compost pile at the end of their season. Moreso, I hate the idea of planting and then ripping up various flowers one after the other all spring, summer, and fall long just so it can look like I care about my lawn.

I know it seems that I’m a gardener that doesn’t love gardening. That’s not totally true. I just don’t love gardening all the time. I want my garden to be able to run on cruise control when I get busy at work or on an unrelated side project. For that, I have always turned to perennials.