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The New Hoosierati Feed

June 18, 2008

I have added a widget to the top of the right-hand sidebar (the one under the header RSS with a link that says “Subscribe to Hoosierati.”)  If you use a news aggregator or RSS feeder, you should use that link to subscribe to this site. If you have already subscribed to Hoosierati with our old feed ( it would be totally awesome if you would change that subscription to the new feed ( I don’t know if it would be any awesomer for you or not, I doubt it will change anything. But it would be way awesomer for me, since I’m trying to get a clearer picture of how many readers we have and how often they show up and what not.

(PS: Did you like the use of the various versions of “awesome?” I was getting a little self-conscious near the end there and I fear I may have crossed the line. I was just trying very hard to convince you how great this feedburner subscription would be because I know it’s an inconvenience to ask you to change.)

No hard feelings if you elect not to change feeds, I understand.