Cogito Ergo Vegas

June 19, 2008

Here at Hoosierati we like to point out indications of serious thought on the cultural landscape. So I took note of the msn.com’s description of the Reading Room and Socrates Cafe at Mandalay Bay. Right, the one in Las Vegas. It seems that people there can take a break from the slot machines and talk about the meaning of life.

We might also note that quite a few of the places in the msn.com article, which was entitled “A Cheapskate’s Guide to 29 Cities,” are museums, historic sites, art centers, or theaters.

Does this have anything to do with Indiana? It does. It proves that the humanities can happen wherever people feel that talking about ideas might be fun, refreshing, and worthwhile or that culture is good value for the price of a couple of spins on the roulette wheel.

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  1. Ha! You know, I think I’ve seen that place — if it’s where I think it is, near the entrance to the mall in Mandalay Bay. Sadly, I won’t be there on Tuesday; we fly out Tuesday afternoon that week. Alas! Now I’m really curious what kinds of discussions they have. :)

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