¿Cuando volverás de la luna?

July 2, 2008

One of the blogs I’m subscribed to is the Spanish Club blog from Ball State. No particular reason other than that they post in Spanish and I occassionally need to read something in Spanish for fear of losing a skill I quit my previous job in order to obtain.

Yep, language is Serious Business for this here lonely blogger.

At any rate, I have no idea why they’re doing this but a couple of days back they started writing “letters from the moon” and I’ve read every one. Rather than try to articulate what it is that I like about this as a language or a creative writing exercise, I will try to explain what it has done to the blog reading I do every day.

Imagine this. You’re going through your mail: bill bill bill bill coupons advertisement bill letter. Oooh! A Letter!. So you open it. You with me so far? I think we’ve all had that moment, that billbillbillLETTER moment. How exciting! You open it up and start reading.

I’m writing you from the moon…” it begins.

I was nonplussed.

I have to say, the incongruity of reading the Indianpolis Star, the Indian Law Blog, the Historic Preservation blog and then a letter from the moon, it made my day.

If you can read Spanish, you might want to head over there for a bit of a distraction. But you have to imagine the Byronic hero that’s writing to you from the moon, try to imagine who’s more distant and strange the author or the glowing rock they are writing from. It makes the exercise more fun.

And Spanish Club folks, if you can measure your subscribers, I am one of them. Y ahora lo saben.

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