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A Bike Ride in Carmel

August 6, 2008

As I’ve (very) frequently lamented here, even though the humanities do impact our lives everyday, it’s often hard to explain how or where that occurs. Architecture is one of those places that’s hard to ignore.

Now, architecture per se really falls under the purview of Art, but historic architecture, architectural preservation, the feelings surrounding old buildings, our ache to preserve the symbols of our history and culture, those things are Humanities.

It’s not hard to find blogs from another city in Indiana. I read several, from Bloomington, South Bend, Evansville, and others. It’s hard finding blogs about other cities in Indiana. Who’s writing the Kokomo blog about things Kokomo-ish? Who’s writing the Elkhart blog about things Elkhartish?

Until I find out (with your help) here’s Urban Indy writing about Carmel. It isn’t perfect, but I’m getting there.