Tyler Mueninch

September 30, 2008

[Minor time update below for those thinking about stopping by].

It’s been really hectic here at the IHC with board retreats and new projects underway and a slew of new grant awards (more on that later) but I’m fast running out of time to clue you in on a pretty cool event with IDADA’s First Fridays this week.

Tyler Mueninch, who I’ve written about before, will be having a full exhibition at the Harrison Center for the Arts. The exhibition is called “bristled.” As the author himself says,

This series originated in my father’s studio, where we made paint brushes and other handmade tools. About halfway through the work I was doing for a show last October he showed me how to make some of my own brushes and encouraged me to use them on my paintings. This body of work is the result of some of that work.  Many times the brushes are the subject, in a kind of ambiguous space. The handmade brushes were an exciting way for me to work outside of my own set of rules.

The Harrison Center is at 1505 N. Delaware Street in Indianapolis historic Old Northside Neighborhood. Do you know what’s right across the street? The home of Meredith Nicholson, a.k.a. The Indiana Humanities Council offices, which will be open for visitors from 5pm-7pm and we too have Mueninch’s work on display. So, if you like what you see at the Harrison Center, feel free to pop over our way and see more before you head on down to the other galleries.

The Harrison Center will be open from 6pm-9pm for the exhibition.

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