Get inspired on Earth Day

April 20, 2009

As we continue to celebrate National Poetry Month with Indiana’s Poet Laureate, Norbert Krapf, take a minute to celebrate another annual April event: Earth Day. What in nature inspires you to write, make music, or reflect? For me, springtime is one of the greatest sources of inspiration–as is traveling to new places.

One of Norbert Krapf’s natural inspirations is below, which was published in Bloodroot: Indiana Poems. If you want to hear more, he’ll be reading fifteen minutes of nature poems on April 25 at the Earth Day Indiana Festival on the  American Legion Mall in downtown Indy around 12:15 p.m.

Can’t get enough of the poet laureate? Read about his trip to Rhode Island for National Poetry Week with a who’s who of poets, here


Sycamore on Main Street                                                     


It stands like a resolute

deserter of its own kind

high above frame houses

halfway up the hill.


Slowly, its brown mottled

bark has flaked away

leaving an ivory shaft

which glints in the sun.


Below the earth’s surface,

its swollen roots crawl

homeward down the hillside,

wriggle beneath pipes

and pavement, plunge

into the depths, and suck

at the waters of the ancient

swamp beneath the park.



Norbert Krapf, Bloodroot: Indiana Poems.

© 2008 Indiana Univ. Press



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