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Reaction to Hoosier History Live! show about T.C. Steele

June 30, 2009
 By Bob Alloway, who wrote this post after listening to Hoosier History Live!’s show about T.C. Steele 
TC Steele

The T.C. Steele painting purchased with the children’s money so long ago.

In 1927, Thelma Murphy was in her last grade at Crooked Creek Elementary School. The highlight of the 8th grade is to hold fundraisers during the semester so they can purchase an oil painting as the previous 8th grade classes did and then present it to the school.

Thelma was one of the committee members who went with the group to T.C. Steele’s studio on Emerson & Washington Streets to select and purchase a painting with the $100 they raised.

This was a very memorable time for her and while we were visiting the school several years ago, Thelma, now 93, asked to see the painting that had adorned the school walls.  The school principal was very delighted to meet a former alumnus and took her around to every teacher in her room and introduced her to the class.

Crooked Creek Elementary School   Kessler & Michigan Road. 1927

Crooked Creek Elementary School Kessler & Michigan Road. 1927