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Music for all

August 6, 2009

I retired my drum sticks long ago, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for the art of percussion. My husband — a trumpet player — naturally has a soft spot for the brass. So we ventured out to Eastern Hancock High School last night to take in a run-through by the Santa Clara Vanguard — a performing Drum & Bugle Corps participating in this weekend’s Drum Corps International World Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium.

One of the world’s best, the Vanguard didn’t disappoint. For anyone who’s never been to a Drum Corps show, let me just say this: It isn’t your average halftime show. It’s an elite group of musicians and dancers giving it their all for 11 minutes — all for pride. The energy of the members — who are on the last leg of a North American tour that’s consisted of 10-12 hour practices, thousands of miles on a bus and weeks spent in high school gymnasiums, was amazing. And then, there’s the sound. Crisp, invigorating, moving, intense. The show, “Ballet for Martha,” is a beautiful composition that features a jig that will make you chuckle and a company front that will knock your socks off.

Check them out — and the other 39 bands — this weekend in Indianapolis. For more info, visit DCI.