About Hoosierati

We maintain a firm belief that despite its reputation as one of the many quilted states known on the coasts as “fly over country” Indiana offers numerous opportunities for the culture seeker. It is the purpose of this blog to highlight some of those opportunities and the people that make them possible.

Broadly speaking this is a humanities blog, or a “liberal arts” blog. We’ll be commenting on topics from the fields of literature, cinema, art, history, philosophy, linguistics and others. Despite it’s seemingly broad and unfocused subject matter, the humanities, we think, can be studied, enjoyed, and discussed as a single thing. That being said, there is a lot to talk about, more than one blog or blogger can handle alone. To that end, we’ll be inviting friends of the council to post their own thoughts and observances.

The overly-used buzzword “synergy” seems disrespectful of such a harmonious and bountiful interplay of attributes but simpler words like “balance” or “cooperation” don’t quite go far enough. But we would like to think that this blog can serve a beneficial function in its goal of highlighting the manner in which the humanities offer context and insight to the critical issues of our day-to-day life.

For the most part Hoosierati is not a venue for taking sides on controversial topics, or, for that matter, in any way adding to controversy. However, the Indiana Humanities Council is dedicated to broadening and deepening Hoosier’s understanding of critical issues and some of the most critical issues are also the ones that inspire the most heated debate. We hope that Hoosierati grows into a forum where people feel free to openly discuss the role of the humanities as they touch areas of concern, even those that might be a little “hot.” In that regard it should be declared: The Council and Hoosierati are not advocating any side in those debates, so much as we see value in the debate itself.

But to add to this (probably essential) disclaimer: It is an inescapable fact that opinions will be expressed on Hoosierati. Even if this were to be merely a place for us to highlight some of the humanities-related events that happen all the time around Indiana, since we are incapable of listing all of them, the decision to post some events rather than others, constitutes an opinion of sorts, or points to a declaration of some level of judgment, and we would like to take a second to address what the nature of that declaration is and how it reflects upon the Indiana Humanities Council as a larger institution.

The Indiana Humanities Council is dedicated to providing a link between the creators of humanities products and their audiences. If an event or person is mentioned here, it does not necessarily serve as endorsement of the quality of that event. It probably just means that we learned about the event somehow and thought that you might want to hear about it too because it struck someone’s interest here. Similarly if a person or event does not get mentioned here, it is almost certainly not due to a deficiency on the part of that person or event. It is most likely related to the fact that we didn’t learn about it or we didn’t have time to mention it.

For the moment, we  have a finite amount of time to construct each blog post. We’ll mention things we’re familiar with or that we become familiar with due to web searches, RSS feeds, newspapers, and personal contacts. Being in the Meredith Nicholson house (that beautiful home pictured in the Hoosierati banner) has its perks in that regard but we can say with 100% certainty that things will slip through the cracks every day. Even as you’re reading this page something is happening that we failed to mention. Sorry.

But, to be quite frank, that’s not the only reason we might not choose to blog about a topic. We simply cannot list everything that’s going on. Even with unlimited time to post, it would be unfair to you and damaging to our cause to alienate our audience by flooding your inbox or news aggregator with hundreds of entries a day.

One final note: The opinions of Hoosierati bloggers, it should be assumed, are their own and do not reflect any judgment made by the Indiana Humanities Council.


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