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Goshen, Indiana and Apan, (Hidalgo), Mexico

May 6, 2008

The relationship that Indianapolis, Indiana, USA has with Tala, Jalisco, MX (described in the previous post) is very similar to the one between Goshen, Indiana, USA and Apan, Hidalgo, MX–as highlighted in this write-up in Goshen’s Bulletin and in the documentary described therein.

I first learned of Fuerza while attending the 6th Annual Statewide Conference on Latino Affairs last October (but have sadly yet to get my hands on a copy). My guess is that this is not a unique phenomena at all, and in fact is indicative of the one of the larger drivers of immigration.

Economic incentive is clearly the major driver, but that only informs us that immigration will happen, it does not really explain from where immigrants will arrive or where they will decide to settle. That seems to be determined by reasons of social capital. New immigrants will seek out locales near where friends and family from the source country have gone.

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