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Food for Thought: Indiana’s Food Culture

August 18, 2009

If you stopped by our booth at the Indiana State Fair during Hoosier Heritage Day and added your hometown’s food treasures to our map of Indiana–thanks! We’ve compiled some of the data into a map of Indiana’s food culture and identified things like food festivals and agribusinesses, as well as livestock and agricultural hot spots. Take a look, here.

Then, add your feedback below. We couldn’t fit everything on the map–and for that, we apologize. But, please continue to help us out by identifying what’s missing in your neck of the woods.


There Goes My Athletic Physique

May 7, 2008

I may be lost for awhile. Thanks to the Nationalities Council blog I just learned of this:

An online database launched in May 2003 that (as of this morning) includes 816 restaurants, 150 markets and bakeries, 141 festivals, 2,958 restaurant reviews, 2,654 recipes, and 697 registered patrons.

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