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Ball Brothers Announces Recent Grants

June 11, 2008

Ball Brothers Foundation announces the recipients of their latest round of grants.


Not a Friday Blincoln Blog

June 11, 2008

I know it’s not Friday and therefore not time for this site’s only weekly feature so far, Blincoln Blogs, but news is news. So, if you must, blame me for not sticking to my own rules. Otherwise, just give me the benefit of the doubt and consider this museum news.

Courtesy of the fine folks at The Indiana Law Blog I’ve just learned that there are plans afoot to keep the Lincoln Museum’s $20 million collection of memorabilia at its current Fort Wayne location. This is doubly good news for those, like the Indiana Humanities Council, that are active partners in celebrating the Lincoln Bicentennial.

It’s not written in stone yet however:

Indiana’s bid, while strong, is not a done deal, according to those involved. Among others in the running: the Smithsonian Institution and the Lincoln Museum and Library in Springfield, Ill.

Good luck to those behind keeping the collection here–nothing against the Smithsonian or Illinois’ LMS but, y’know, home is home.


Congratulations to Jack Kent Cooke Scholars

May 27, 2008

Each year the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation awards several scholarships to graduating seniors drawn from their Young Scholars Program. The Foundation just released its list for 2008 and two of the twenty-eight recipient have Indiana connections.

One, Ronnye Rutledge, is from Fort Wayne and will be using her $30,000/yr scholarship to attend Harvard University with the goal of working in medicine. The other, Lisa Michelle Vavricka, from Pasadena, Texas, will be attending the University of Notre Dame with the goal of going into diplomacy.

Congratulations to these two and all the other recipients.

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