Food for Thought

The need for food links humans across the globe, but the food we eat, the way we grow, prepare and eat it, our mealtime rituals, traditions and conversations…all of these elements distinguish us as cultures and individuals.

So, tell us, what distinguishes Indiana? Is it our love for everything fried or the beloved breaded tenderloin? Is it our unique summer festivals honoring our diverse heritage? Is it the Hoosier Cabinet? Our sweet corn and ripe tomatoes? All of the above?

Tell us your favorite Hoosierland food story, your perfect Indiana meal, or add your favorite recipe below.

If you stopped by our booth at the Indiana State Fair during Hoosier Heritage Day and added your hometown’s food treasures to our map of Indiana–thanks! We’ve compiled some of the data into a map of Indiana’s food culture and identified things like food festivals and agribusinesses, as well as livestock and agricultural hot spots. Take a look, here.

Then, add your feedback below. We couldn’t fit everything on the map–and for that, we apologize. But, please continue to help us out by identifying what’s missing in your neck of the woods.


  1. My perfect meal during an Indiana summer:

    Fresh-caught bluegill fried in Marion Kay batter, a couple of tomato slices seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper and buttered up Peaches N’ Cream corn.

    For dessert: A slice of just-out-of-the-oven zucchini bread.

  2. For a quick look at Indy’s ethnic heritage,check out the Nationalities Council and its annual International Festival (http://indyinternationalfestival.org), upcoming in November.

  3. Indy’s ethnic restaurants and festivals are corralled at http://indyethnicfood.com.

  4. I was sent an email in regards to this site thru the Indiana Artisan, I was juried in a little over a year ago. I think this is a great site and look forward to becoming involved when you are up in my area (Wabash, In)

    Leigh Rowan

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