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I’m a Sucker

June 3, 2008

[via Ruth’s Blog]

The New York Times yesterday had a fantastic story that relates the only reason I enjoy going to yard sales: the possibility of finding something so completely cool and rare that it might justify countless hours perusing old Avon perfume bottles shaped like cars and books that weren’t worth 25 cents when they were printed.

Two Indiana women on their way back from a camping trip in Kentucky in 2003 bought a zebra-striped trunk only to find inside several black & white prints (and a bunch of old clothes). The prints were from famed tabloid photographer Weegee, the man who helped blaze the path for Diane Arbus and Andy Warhol (among several others).

The Indianapolis Museum of Art, will announce this week the receipt of the collection, meanwhile, the Times website has some of Weegee’s photographs in a slideshow.

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Indiana’s New Obscenity Law and the First Amendment

May 9, 2008

Booksellers were the first companies to complain about Indiana’s new obscenity law. But it’s not just them. According to the Indianapolis Star’s Tim Evans the Indianapolis Museum of Art has joined the fray:

“Why would an institution like the IMA even have to consider whether a great work of art is somehow going to be labeled as falling within this statute?” [ACLU of Indiana legal director Ken Falk] said.

Why indeed?

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